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Grow your international sales with professional export management by Tradewinds Global
Tradewinds Global is an award-winning export management and marketing company located in Honolulu, Hawaii. We serve as a bridge to connect Hawaii and Mainland U.S. companies’ products with Asian markets.
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Welcome to Tradewinds Global

Know before you go. Tradewinds Global is well positioned to help you build a global brand and maximize your business in both emerging and developed overseas markets. If you are a first time exporter, our expert consultation and entry preparation will establish your product in a new global market the right way from day one. On the other hand, if you have an underdeveloped export business, we can help you take it to the next level.

Proven Track Record of Success
$40 million in Sales Generated To Date
Business in Over 13 Countries
Multilingual & Multinational Staff
Dual Understanding of Asian & US Business Cultures

While the company represents a multitude of products and industries, our strength is in the consumer brands sector. Tradewinds Global currently offers particular expertise in 3 product categories:

Food & Beverage
Health & Beauty Care
Organic & Lifestyle Products for people, their children, and their pets

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3 Proven Steps to Export Success

International Account Representative

Account Management

Tradewinds Global focuses on providing its clientele with detailed and professional service to maximize their opportunity in international marketplaces. Each client is assig

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International Online Marketing

International Website Creation
Site Management
Social Media Marketing

Your website is always on regardless of the time zone. It is by far the most powerful and accessible form of marketing available for both your domestic and

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International Brand Management

Marketing Plan Creation
Program Execution
Sales Support Materials

Branding is the strategic creation of a product’s image in the prospective and current customers’ minds. It captures both their actual preconceptio

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