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The Chinese are Coming! Time to market in Chinese.

Global hotel chains, airlines and luxury retailers can expect tens of millions of new customers from China in the coming years, but few Western companies are prepared for this influx or have a clear understanding of exactly what Chinese tourists require and expect for their yuan.

The growing number of affluent Chinese travelers “will completely change the face of tourism,” especially in hot destinations such as New York, Las Vegas, London and Paris, said Pierre Gervois, president-CEO of China Elite Focus, which specializes in affluent Chinese outbound tourism. “There will be an influx of wealthy travelers.”

Inc. Magazines # 4 way to grow your business.
In an article yesterday by Inc. magazine, they identify finding new markets as the #4 way to grow your business. Time to localize.
Penetrate new markets.

The Obama administration has advocated for small businesses to push into global markets, and has set the goal of doubling U.S. exports by 2014. Today, only about one percent of small businesses export overseas. One of the biggest challenges for small companies wanting to export is communication, says Marc Meyer, a professor of entrepreneurship at Northeastern University. This is especially true in emerg

Korean retailing success

Interesting short video about how Tesco (Home Plus) is marketing online and offline in Korea. Creative marketing to grow international business. I think it is great to see the competitive nature where localization and innovation create huge results.

Honolulu to Shanghai Direct

Yesterday marked a very important day for the State of Hawaii. It was the inaugural flight for China Eastern’s direct flight finally connecting Hawaii and China. Hawaii has numerous direct flights to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, but this is the first regularly scheduled flight to and from China. The HTA estimates more than 91,000 visitors from China will come to the State this year. This amounts to more than 60 million in spending for the state. With APEC right around the corner, a direct flight is a wonderful way to bridge the connection between our two lands. The Chinese are going to fall in love with this special place. I hope we can all seize the

Why are major US companies focusing on overseas markets?

While the US is the largest economy in the world (for now), it is also the most mature. Most would agree that the growth potential beyond our borders represents a far larger opportunity than what currently resides at home. Many companies, like Kraft Foods, are focusing on the greater opportunities for growth overseas. For example, China overtook the US as the largest Internet market in 2008. A year later, the largest country in the world became the largest automobile market. The recent economic stagnation of the US economy have prompted many of the larger companies to look to new markets to stay competitive. Is your company doing the same?

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